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Jay Kaplan, CEO Synack: Our continuous work pentesting relieved the Cybersecurity

July 2022 by Marc Jacob Valentin Jangwa, Global Security Mag

Jay Kaplan, CEO Synack met at Infosecurity London talks about the continuous work pentesting solution from Synack. The great work is done thanks to more than 1000 freelance pentesters around the World. Jay explains that the continuous work pentesting relieves the Cybersecurity team.

Global Security Mag : How was Infosecurity London 2022 ?

Jay Kaplan : With more visitors than the first day, we had quite good contacts with CISOs, CIOs from every type of Organisations.
But above all, pretty good audience from practitioners, people who are doing the work every single day.
Many challenging and interesting questions were asked and we were able to discuss about our solutions in a good way.

Global Security Mag : What do you think about the UK market ?

Jay Kaplan : For us, we see the UK market pretty strong nowadays. It is our fastest growing market throughout the World. Generally speaking, and normally, we see the UK market behind the US in terms of adoption of new technologies in the Cybersecurity. Synack started in 2013. In the US, our model is very progressive, different, it took time to evangelize, and we started to do the same in Europe, only 4 or 5 years ago. We are now seeing huge inflection point where adoption is very strong. For example, in some of the largest Financial Institutions, Consumer brands, Retail, Oil & Gas companies in the UK, the adoption is being accelerated.
So, overall, we are very excited about the UK market, and we are investing heavily on resources here. Customers acquisition as well as Service for Customers operations. UK is the largest region. By the way, we have 3 people in France as well with Services done by the UK team. We started to see adoption pick up in France, even though we all know that the French market moves very slowly, we already have some Customers.

Global Security Mag: What solutions did you present here?

Jay Kaplan: Our solutions for Vulnerabilities assessment and Penetration testing.

Global Security Mag: What are the strong points, the key differentiators of your solutions?

Jay Kaplan: Our solutions have many key differentiators.
Basically, Synack has totally reinvented how Organisations perform security testing. Traditionally, Big consulting firms come with one or 2 Consultants and leave behind reports saying, “call us again for next year.”
Synack has leverage a worldwide network of Ethical Hackers in 90 countries. We use them to find vulnerabilities and perform security assessments for our customers, to make sure that there are no breaches, and we are finding the issues faster. They continuously looking for vulnerabilities so that those customers can patch those problems and automatically make sure that they don’t get breached.
Continuous penetration testing.
We have thousands on independant Freelancers.
We can use around 75 people to perform Vulnerabilities assessments at the same time for one customer. So, the Client can get better results than a traditional pentesting.

We make sure that customers have access to us, on-demand. So, with Consulting big firm there is a need to resource when a customer requests another assessment. You can wait weeks or months, while with us, you are up and running kind of instantly as soon as you need to perform assessment, we can act immediately.
Our Service is flexible.
Synack is the link between the ethical Hackers and the Organisations, to make sure that their in_ formation remain confidential.

Global Security Mag: What is your key message to our readers?

Jay Kaplan: Our key advice is that every Organisation should start to think as an attacker. It takes a very adversarial approach to have a look at their attacked service.
Now, we recognize that it is very difficult to do so with the limited resources that they have, and it is not easy to hire in Cybersecurity.
As there is a gap between the needs and their resources, Organisations should embrace solutions that can bridge that gap.
Synack is in a much better position to help and scale their people, because people that we use are Freelancers all over the World.

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