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Comment on Biden sanctions on Russia

April 2021 by Chris Hallenbeck, Regional CISO of Americas at Tanium

News broke out yesterday about the Biden administration placing sanctions on Russia for its interference in the US election and other damaging attacks such as Solarwinds. We have a response from Chris Hallenbeck, Regional CISO of Americas at Tanium.

Chris provides the comment below:

“The announcement of sanctions and other actions in response to the SolarWinds breach and other cyber activity was not a surprise. The scale and audacity of the breach made it almost certain that it was state-sponsored, and the attribution by government intelligence, law enforcement, and cyber protection agencies points the finger squarely at one country.

“Sanctions alone are unlikely to bring brazen hacking to an end. It is up to companies and organizations to improve their cyber hygiene to make such intrusions less frequent and less impactful when they do occur. Today, the National Security Agency released guidance outlining 5 vulnerabilities being exploited by who the NSA attributes as being Russian hackers. Notably those 5 vulnerabilities were announced in 2018, 2019, and 2020. That means organizations are failing to address vulnerabilities that are upwards of three years old, which considerably increases the likelihood of a damaging breach occurring.”

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