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Cohesity Announces First ROBO Solution That Combines Backup and Recovery

February 2020 by Marc Jacob

Cohesity announced a new solution that extends and enhances its enterprise-class capabilities for the enterprise edge, empowering organizations to seamlessly manage data within remote office/branch office (ROBO) locations with a single software-defined platform — the same web-scale platform that many organizations use today to manage data across existing data center and cloud environments.

The new Cohesity solution for ROBO combines Cohesity software with certified servers from Cisco and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and is designed for enterprises with numerous branch locations, such as national banks, retailers, chain restaurants, rental car agencies, warehousing and distribution, pharmaceutical, and global IT services. Such branch locations often have data that needs to be managed, protected, and secured locally, without dedicated IT staff on-site administration.

The solution is designed for quick and easy installation and offers enterprises the same functionality at branch locations that they rely upon in the data center. This is the industry’s first solution to combine backup and recovery, file and object services, and cloud archival in a single platform that is optimized for ROBO locations and continues to extend the power of modern data management to more customers.

Managing Rapidly Growing Data Across Remote Office Locations

More than half of enterprise data will be created and processed outside the data center or cloud by 2022, according to a report from the research firm IDC. This underscores the need for a unified approach to manage and protect data generated or stored at the edge in the same manner as enterprise data located centrally or managed in public cloud environments.

The Cohesity solution for ROBO addresses administrative, latency, and bandwidth concerns at remote locations while at the same time complying with data recoverability concerns and compliance mandates of corporate headquarters. Once deployed, administrators can perform management operations centrally — such as creating simple policies for backup and recovery across multiple branch locations, as well as branch replication policies that ensure a copy of the data is available from the data center or cloud in case of local failures.

With this new ROBO solution, customers will have direct access to the numerous enterprise-class capabilities of Cohesity’s data management software that they are accustomed to in the data center. These include an immutable file system to help defend against ransomware, global variable-length sliding window deduplication and compression to optimize both storage efficiency and bandwidth utilization, data encryption at rest and in flight for security, and instant mass restores to rapidly recover an entire branch when needed.

Customers can also use Cohesity software on certified hardware to provide file and object services (for example to replace local Windows file servers) as well as archival functions (including low-cost cloud storage options) at the edge so that customers can simplify overall site maintenance and operations.

Enterprise-Class Capabilities for ROBO

Cohesity’s new solution provides customers with a wide range of capabilities to meet growing data management requirements at the enterprise edge, including:
• Backup and recovery that supports both modern and traditional data sources
• Flexible granular recovery, to any point in time
• High data resiliency and the ability to seamlessly replicate or archive data to the core or the public cloud
• A significant reduction in the data footprint and WAN bandwidth utilization from remote sites with global variable-length sliding-window deduplication and compression
• Integrated cybersecurity with an immutable file system, DataLock (WORM), data encryption, and anti-ransomware capabilities
• Multi-protocol support for files and objects (NFS, SMB, S3)
• A single, easy-to-navigate user interface that dramatically simplifies data management across core, cloud, and edge

The new solution builds on Cohesity’s existing edge capabilities. Customers can now adopt Cohesity’s data management solution for edge locations either as a virtual appliance or as a physical appliance based on newly certified partner servers.

Cohesity solution for ROBO will be generally available to all customers from Cisco and HPE by Spring 2020.

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