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Cellebrite DI Ltd. announced Cellebrite Smart Search

November 2023 by Marc Jacob

Cellebrite DI Ltd. announced Cellebrite Smart Search, a new SaaS-based solution that securely automates the collection and review of publicly available online data. Gathering data manually from open sources, especially social media platforms, is time-consuming and often complex, and surfacing actionable insights from this data can be equally challenging. Smart Search can save investigators hours of work.
Available now, Smart Search is Cellebrite’s next generation of open-source intelligence (OSINT) offerings.

Built specifically for investigators, Smart Search collects all publicly available online data on a desired individual or organization and surfaces the most relevant information, quickly generating a standardized, shareable report for stakeholders. The digital world is an extension of the physical crime scene and therefore leveraging the online presence of subjects of interest is critical – to both support an investigation and regain momentum when leads go cold. Teams can now simply, quickly and comprehensively integrate Smart Search into their workflow to inform investigations, enrich evidence, accelerate insights and generate investigative leads.

The addition of Cellebrite Smart Search broadens the range of high-value investigative tools within the Cellebrite portfolio. It complements the company’s AI-powered Pathfinder investigative analytics, which a growing number of investigative units use to surface relevant leads and discover valuable connections within the vast volumes of digital data that reside on a wide range of devices.

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