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COVID-19: Tehtris EDR protects hospitals worldwide

April 2020 by Marc Jacob

As the COVID-19 virus has no borders or limits, TEHTRIS decided to extend its free protection to the entire world so that health institutions in all countries could fight against increasingly violent cyber attacks.

Cedric O, Secretary of State in charge of Digital Affairs within the French government, has launched a call for mobilisation of digital stakeholders. TEHTRIS made its cybersecurity solution TEHTRIS XDR Platform with its EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) agents and human resources available to all French hospitals free of charge and for the duration of the COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic, for a minimum of 3 months, to protect healthcare institutions against cyber attacks. Now, all countries can take advantage of this exceptional offer in response to an unprecedented situation.

TEHTRIS EDR protects servers and workstations by automatically detecting and neutralizing advanced or unknown threats in real time on each device where it is deployed. Thanks to its learning system, its heuristic technologies, its sandboxes, its Artificial Intelligence, its knowledge bases, its tactical SIEM, it neutralizes and quarantines all malicious attacks. TEHTRIS EDR can be installed on all types of Windows machines (from Windows XP to Windows 10), Linux, MacOS and Android.

By partnering with OVH Cloud and its #Open_solidarity initiative, TEHTRIS is mobilizing in a solidary and concrete way in its field of expertise. Cybersecurity can also be synonymous with solidarity in these troubled times ...

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