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Bittium Has Received a Spanish National Security Rating for Bittium SafeMove® Mobile VPN Data Encryption Software

May 2021 by Marc Jacob

The Spanish security authority Centro Criptológico Nacional (CCN) has granted Difusión Limitada (equivalent to Restricted) security level approval for Bittium SafeMove® Mobile VPN software.

The Bittium SafeMove Mobile VPN software is targeted for the security and government markets. This approval allows the transfer of encrypted Difusión Limitada security level material with Bittium SafeMove Mobile VPN software when used on a trusted platform. In the assessment, the Spanish security authority specifically examined the implementation of the security and encryption technology of the VPN Client software on the Android and Windows operating systems. The evaluation also examined the data security of the VPN Client software on other trusted Android and Windows devices. The operating environment was Bittium SafeMove VPN Gateway server software.

Bittium SafeMove Mobile VPN enables the utilization of all IP-based applications and networks by securing the connections between the mobile device and the services as soon as the device has been switched on. The software produces a secure network connection, which allows governmental agencies to access the same critical information systems remotely as in fixed networks, and classified material can be transferred encrypted also over untrusted networks. The LINCE + MEC methodology was used in the evaluation, supporting the CCN evaluation process. It sets specific security requirements for the smartphone and its back-end systems for the secure wireless transmission of classified material and other communications.

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