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BBC and New York Times hit by ransomware - comments from Webroot

March 2016 by Webroot

News has broken this morning that malware has been discovered on several websites, including the BBC, New York Times and AOL. It was delivered through multiple ad networks and placed the infected adverts on the unsuspecting sites.

David Kennerley, Senior Manager for Threat Research at Webroot has provided the following comments on ’malvertising’:

"Unfortunately, simply keeping to trusted websites no longer means you’ll stay safe. The outsourced, distributed and chaotic nature of the online advertising industry means that even the world’s most popular websites have no visibility on the ad content displayed on their pages or its original source."

"Internet users should keep their browsers fully patched, with appropriate in-built phishing and malware protection switched on. Browser add-ons should be kept up-to-date, with auto-play turned off; or better yet, disable or remove these commonly exploited add-ons completely. Ad-blocking software is becoming a must and of course a strong endpoint protection product is essential."

"Malvertising is a big problem and its return on investment for fraudsters suggests it’s not going away anytime soon."

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