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Avast to Provide AI-Powered Threat Intelligence to Alphabet company, Chronicle, for New Enterprise Security Platform

March 2019 by Marc Jacob

Avast announced it has partnered with Chronicle, an Alphabet company focused on cybersecurity, to support the delivery of its enterprise-level analytics platform, Backstory. Avast, with the largest consumer threat detection network in the world, is an inaugural Insight Partner and will provide analysis from its Artificial Intelligence-driven threat engine to help protect enterprises against the biggest cybersecurity threats today.

Cyber attacks are a major global challenge of our age, one that could cost companies globally over US$5.2 trillion in additional costs and lost revenue over the next five years. Chronicle and Avast established this partnership to combine insights on enterprise and consumer threats respectively to provide security teams with greater insights into areas of potential vulnerability and enable them to take steps to protect themselves. Through the partnership, Chronicle will enrich its customers’ ability to detect threats from Avast’s threat intelligence gathered from a network of hundreds of millions of endpoints.

Backstory is inspired on techniques and tools developed within Google to protect itself. In addition to the insights it will gather from Avast, it also integrates with existing threat database VirusTotal.

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