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Alphalink is extending the virtual « MeetMeRoom » to hybrid Clouds in their datacenter

July 2015 by Marc Jacob

For more than 15 years, the neutrality between datacenter and telecom operators has been, for hosted clients, an opportunity to list on a stock exchange. Here, free-market trades are practiced between a large number of operators, offering a wide range of services, quality and prices.

Alphalink is now bringing this same neutrality towards Cloud operators. This is yet another opportunity to access the stock market where free competition is practiced between SaaS software publishers, IaaS infrastructure providers and PaaS plaform providers. The advantage is being able to access "XaaS" services through specialized infrastructures featuring improved stability, quality and security in comparison to a simple Internet access.

Already duplicated and secured in the TelCo as well as extended to other datacenters, the TelCo Center’s Virtual MeetMeRoom is connected to several Cloud operators including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Softlayer, Microsoft Azure, Orange, Numergy, CloudWatt, Outscale, ServiceNow, Salesforce, ...

Thus, it is possible to connect each TelCo Center client to all these Cloud operators, exactly as if they were physically present in the "Virtual MeetMeRoom". This connection being in customer AND supplier mode : the service operators, hosted in TelCo Center, can therefore use the Cloud services AND publish Cloud offers for their own customers. Installed in TelCo Center, they are at the core of one of the most important XaaS service trading rooms in France.

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