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Alice & Bob Unveils New Consulting Unit Focused on High-Value Applications of Quantum Computing

August 2023 by Marc Jacob

Alice & Bob announced the launch of a consulting unit called The Box. Alice & Bob’s consulting team is dedicated to offering valuable insights into the status and potential of quantum computing, helping clients devise effective quantum strategies that focus on high-value applications, irrespective of platform.

Major consulting firms and industry players are currently developing strategies to take advantage of quantum computing and are exploring use cases with today’s early quantum devices. The Box has begun working with these organizations to construct comprehensive roadmaps for integrating quantum computing into their workflows. Current clients include:

A multinational automobile company exploring the use of quantum molecular simulation to find sustainable alternatives for scarce metals used in batteries for electric vehicles and fuel cells for hydrogen cars
A global energy company focusing on quantum catalyst optimization to significantly reduce the production costs of future renewable fuels

The consulting unit is built upon a wealth of academic and strategic experience, with a team of quantum physicists and strategists led by Dr. Linde Hansen, who earned a Ph.D. in quantum computing from the University of Oxford and previously led McKinsey’s knowledge and business development around quantum technologies.

Alice & Bob’s hardware development is focused on ’cat qubits’ – superconducting quantum bits with built-in error correction that reduce the hardware requirements for effective quantum computing.

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