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Airbus helped secure communications at COP28 in Dubai, UAE

December 2023 by Marc Jacob

Airbus helped secure communications at COP28 in Dubai, UAE with an historic attendance of over 97,000 delegates, including over 150 heads of state, along with negotiators, business leaders and non-state actors.

For an event of this magnitude, with its stringent safety requirements, Airbus has equipped all the technical and security workforce with a critical collaboration platform, Agnet solution, to guarantee the real-time security of the flow of people moving towards the areas dedicated to the negotiations and to the States pavilions on the vast Expo City site.

Designed to upkeep national safety and security, it has the resilience to resist cyber-attacks and data breaches while continuing to operate seamlessly. Sharing data such as voice, live video and location-based services that can be accessed at any time has helped the situational awareness of safety forces to help prevent accidents.

Throughout the proceedings, Dubai Police is one government entity that has incorporated Agnet while using the private LTE network provided by Professional Communication Corporation – Nedaa. From providing next-generation protection and supporting secure live streaming to enhancing situational awareness and enabling greater responsiveness, the outcomes have been integral to operational continuity.

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