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AI could worsen cyber-threats, report warns

October 2023 by Andy Robertson, Head of Fujitsu Cyber Security, Fujitsu UK&I

With warnings recently issued about how AI could potentially intensify cyber threats, Andy Robertson, Head of Enterprise and Cybersecurity Business at Fujitsu UK&I believes that it’s worth remembering how the technology can be used to combat these same bad actors amid all the fearmongering. Comment from Andy Robertson, Head of Enterprise and Cybersecurity Business, Fujitsu UK&I:

"AI is certainly a powerful tool that cybercriminals will no doubt take advantage of, but to only focus on how the technology can be used maliciously is misleading. The way it unlocks a new portal and opportunity to attack businesses, the same can be said for the potential it has to transform organisations’ defence postures.

"The technology can be used by security teams to predict attacks and identify vulnerabilities quickly and with minimal human intervention. As is always the case, it is better to prevent and prepare for attacks than manage the fallout once one has already occurred. AI both ensures that possible threats can be flagged ahead of time and by freeing up workers time, it can allow them to better respond and plug any gaps before they can be exploited.

"AI is no ’silver bullet’ solution, however, and like any new technology the level of effectiveness it can bring depends on what systems are already in place and how teams intend to use it. The last action a business should make in turbulent economic times is to invest in a technology only for it to become ’shelfware’ because the foundations for it to be successful were never laid in the first place."

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