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85% of cyberattacks in the US originate internally

May 2021 by Atlas VPN

As the United States is one of the most influential countries globally, it is a massive target for hackers.

According to the recent Atlas VPN findings, 85% of cyberattacks in the United States come from inside strikes. A total of 204,410,383 attacks were recorded in a single day on May 9th. Out of them — 174,528,081 originated internally.

The second most cyberattacks were recorded from Russia, with a total of 10,579,930 threats. Finally, the third position belongs to the United Kingdom, from where 3,677,361 cyberattacks occurred.

According to cybersecurity writer and researcher at Atlas VPN Anton Petrov:

“Cybercrime is not going anywhere. In fact, cybercriminals are only getting bolder. To mitigate the risks of the ever-evolving cyber threats, organizations in the US and the rest of the world need to step up their efforts.”

Most attacked industries

Hackers can impact many different industries. However, they choose the ones that can bring them the most value, whether it would be sensitive information or monetary rewards.

The most attacked industry in the US on May 9th was the financial services sector. The sector faced a total of 59,648,818 cyberattacks.

Businesses experienced 45,896,830 cyberattacks which put them in second place.

Next up, the healthcare industry faced 27,127,810 cyberattacks. Cybersecurity-related issues in the healthcare sector compromise the integrity of systems, patients’ privacy and disrupt facilities’ ability to provide patient care.

The computing & IT industry suffered the fourth most threats with a total of 16,832,530 cyberattacks.

Lastly, we have the education industry with 13,424,778 cyberattacks. Hackers find the education sector a target because there are lots of valuable data and users.

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