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The Kobra SSD (High Security Disintegrator) has been approved by the National Security Agency of the United States Government

November 2018 by Marc Jacob

One year ago, Kobra decided to expand its range with a high security disintegrator: the Kobra SSD.

The bet was successful, because a few months after its launch, the Kobra SSD was approved by one of the largest international and governmental organizations, namely the NSA (National Security Agency).

Indeed, the government agency of the United States Department of Defense, responsible for electromagnetic intelligence and information system security in the United States government, has conducted its assessment of the Kobra SSD and confirmed that it meets the requirements of the NSA/CSS Solid State Disintegrator (SSD) specification.

As a reminder, the device is designed for high security destruction of SSDs (Solid State Drive), it also destroys all multimedia and digital media, namely:

- Tablets
- USB Flash Drives
- Smartphones
- Electronic cards
- Credit cards

The latter are destroyed in a level of security exceeding the NSA/EPL 9-12 standard required when destroying SSD discs and thus reducing these materials to a state of sand-like particles.

Currently, the Kobra SSD media shredder is the multimedia disintegrator offering the highest level of security on the market.
The kobra SSD has a 2-year warranty for the cutting block and the machine.

Kobra products are manufactured in Italy from European components, with a range of more than 90 models sold in more than 100 countries. Kobra is one of the world’s leading brands of document and media shredders.

Kobra products are distributed in France by Terface, a specialist in the sale of binding machines and document shredders to professionals.

With 35 years of experience, Terface offers its customers its expertise and its exclusive Unibind and Kobra brands.
Its primary objective: quality adapted to the needs of each customer and this with an impeccable level of service.

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