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Pulse Secure launches new vADC Community Edition to help developers build smarter applications for container and cloud platforms

January 2019 by Marc Jacob

Pulse Secure announced the launch of a new Community Edition of its powerful software-based virtual Application Delivery Controller (vADC) to help application developers create innovative application solutions with dramatically lower costs and time to market.

Pulse vADC Community Edition integrates easily with common DevOps tools for automated provisioning and orchestration, such as Kubernetes, Terraform, Puppet and Chef, making it easy to start building secure and scalable applications from day one.

Developers can use the Community Edition for commercial applications up to a limit of 10 Mbps, and up to four nodes can be clustered together for high availability, for a maximum aggregate bandwidth of 40 Mbps. The Community Edition is ideal for building and launching new applications, and offers easy in-line upgrades for 24x7 support options and higher throughput to support global-scale applications.

In addition, customers can upgrade seamlessly to Pulse Services Director for flexible capacity-based licensing, and centralized enterprise management features, including powerful graphical analytics with actionable insights, to help understand application behavior and to diagnose application problems on the network.

Pulse Secure vADC Community Edition is available in three ways. For container deployments, the software can be installed from the Docker Hub without a need to register, giving frictionless access for container and microservices deployment.

Developers can use one-click access to the Community Edition via cloud marketplaces, such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Alternatively, downloads of the Community Edition are available from the Pulse Secure website, which offers the latest virtual appliance software images and access to full documentation.

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