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Kaymera Launches Fully-secured Version of Google Pixel Phone

January 2017 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

Kaymera Technologies Ltd has announced the launch of the Kaymera Secured Pixel, a fully-hardened and secured version of Google’s flagship smartphone.

Kaymera’s secured version of the Pixel phone uses the original Google device’s purpose-built hardware and retains all of the Pixel’s features and ergonomics, including the fingerprint scanner. It enables users to continue using all of their preferred Android applications, while ensuring that the phone, data stored on it and all communications (voice, data and messaging) are fully secured. The device is immune to all types of external exploit attempts. The secured Pixel phones are also fully managed using Kaymera’s management console.

The Google Pixel has been developed as a class-leading Android phone, and addresses the increasing fragmentation in the Android ecosystem. This fragmentation leads to long update and patching cycles, which in turn creates multiple potential security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by criminals. However, the Pixel smartphone still needs additional security measures to be applied in order to make it safe for enterprises and government organisations to use.

Kaymera protects against all mobile threats to devices, communications and users. The company takes the Google Pixel and also a range of selected high-end mobile devices, and applies Kaymera’s own hardened version of the Android operating system and its security architecture. This comprises four layers to address each of the main mobile threat vectors:

- Encryption, protecting all data stored on the phone, and all traffic from and to the device, whether voice, data or messaging, from network sniffing and man-in-the-middle attacks

- Protection, securing the device’s external interfaces, from WiFi, cellular, USB, NFC, Bluetooth to web, monitoring and blocking all malicious downloads

- The Prevention layer monitors for unauthorized attempts to access OS functions, the microphone or camera, GPS and so on

- The Detection and Enforcement layer monitors, detects and blocks malicious code or misbehaving apps

Kaymera devices are centrally managed via the company’s management dashboard, which shows the real-time risk status of the organization as well as each device, and enables easy enforcement of security policies on the devices.

Kaymera’s secured Pixel phone is available immediately.

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