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Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey - Comments from Smoothwall

April 2018 by Rob Wilkinson, Corporate Security Specialist at Smoothwall

In light of the new Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey out today, looking at businesses in the UK and for the first time, charities, which found that over four in ten businesses and two in ten charities experienced a cyber security breach or attack in the last 12 months, Rob Wilkinson, Corporate Security Specialist at Smoothwall, comments:

"The findings of the Cyber Security Breaches Survey highlight that no organisation is safe. Businesses have become a constant target of cyber-attacks and, as this report reveals, so now has the charity sector. What is interesting about these results is that 74% of businesses overall place cyber security as a high priority, compared to only 53% of charities, highlighting that there is still a significant way to go to educate and have the sector view cyber security in the same regard as any other organisation.

"Hackers by their nature, look to cause disruption and exploit variabilities in any shape they can, and so organisations of all sectors need to have cyber defences as a top priority. As cyber-attacks become increasingly potent and frequent, it is imperative that companies have a multi-layered approach to their web security defence systems which includes web filtering, firewalls, encryption and the latest in ongoing threat monitoring to weed out potential dangers. Having a consolidated cyber security programme across all organisations is absolutely critical if the UK is to combat the increasingly hostile world of cybercrime."

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