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Fujitsu and SSH.COM Remove Password Challenge with Privileged Access-as-a-Service

October 2018 by Marc Jacob

Fujitsu announces a new solution that removes the need for employees to manage multiple, individual passwords to access on-premises and cloud services, solving a major challenge for CIOs. Available immediately, Fujitsu has integrated SSH.COM’s1 PrivX Cloud Access Gateway within its Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution.

On a daily basis, employees must manage an ever-increasing number of credentials to access a combination of cloud-based and on-premises systems, with the added complication that passwords must be complex, unique, and rotated on a regular basis. This headache can now be solved by a new solution from Fujitsu, incorporating PrivX from SSH.COM, providing a simple but secure approach to managing multiple credentials.

Tightly integrated with Fujitsu IDaaS, SSH.COM’s PrivX is a ‘keyless’ on-demand solution, giving organisations a unified way of provisioning access, and resolving the common problem of employees losing or forgetting passwords. The cloud-based solution also resolves the issue of security breaches from both intentional and unintentional insider threats, by removing unmanaged keys and eliminating passwords from SysAdmin access to cloud and server environments.

Fujitsu customers benefit from a significantly more flexible way to implement identity and access management solutions. The highly scalable, secure solution manages dynamic, role-based, on-demand SSH certificates and removes the need for both password rotation and password vaults. Enterprises gain cost savings by reducing the time wasted hunting for – or renewing – lost or misplaced access credentials.

Solution enables secure, role-based, on-demand access to critical resources The collaboration between Fujitsu and SSH.COM enables a new, more secure approach to the management of privileged access to business systems for insourced and outsourced software developers, including DevOps teams. Privileged users gain secure, role-based, on-demand access to critical development and production resources, helping improve security and reduce administration.

Fujitsu’s IDaaS is a comprehensive access management solution for hybrid IT environments, ensuring scalability, fast deployment and a short time to market. It provides convenient access to resources in hybrid IT environments, keeping identities and credentials safe. IDaaS is designed with comprehensive self-service and multiple authentication protocols, including biometric authentication. User ID processing and permissions management is integrated into directories, systems, cloud services and applications using open, standard interfaces.

- Pricing and availability
Fujitsu Identity-as-a-Service with PrivX is available immediately to customers in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa, directly from Fujitsu. Pricing varies depending on country and configuration.

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