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Ashley Madison to pay $11.2 million to users affected by the data breach

July 2017 by Adam Nash, EMEA Manager at Webroot

Following the news that Ashley Madison to pay $11.2 million to users affected by the data breach, the commentary from Adam Nash, EMEA Manager at Webroot.

The 2015 Ashley Madison hack is one of the most notorious data breaches in recent history because of the nature of the data which was leaked. Putting that aside, it really highlighted the wide-ranging repercussions that a data breach can have not only on a company, but the individuals and families of those affected. Ahead of GDPR’s introduction next year, businesses need to take heed of this pay out, as it could be much larger in the future. All companies, especially those dealing with proprietary information or customer data – must balance their security resources against their risk tolerance, and look at threat intelligence solutions that provide them with the greatest scope of protection. Our research has shown that despite needing to become compliant to continue operations as normal, nearly half of UK SMBs (49 percent) are not confident they can meet the stringent requirements for compliance

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