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Ynov and Advens Forge Strategic Partnership

April 2024 by Marc Jacob

Ynov, with over 700 cybersecurity students across its 10 campuses in France, and Advens have joined forces through a strategic partnership.

This collaboration, formalized by Anil Benard-Dende, General Manager of Ynov, and David Buhan, General Manager of Advens, paves the way for a multitude of joint initiatives, ranging from innovative educational projects to work-study programs, including the "Cyber for Good" initiatives.
This strategic alliance between Ynov and Advens promises to redefine the landscape of cybersecurity education in France, offering students unique opportunities to immerse themselves in the professional world while benefiting from cutting-edge training. The synergy between Ynov’s educational excellence and Advens’ advanced cybersecurity expertise aims to prepare the next generation of professionals to tackle the most complex digital security challenges.

The Outline of a Cutting-edge Partnership
Advens and Ynov : A Strategic Partnership Based on Shared Values
The collaboration between Advens, a cybersecurity specialist, and Ynov, a higher education institute, embodies a shared vision for the future of technology, centered on security, inclusivity, and sustainability. This partnership is founded on principles that go beyond mere professional or academic ambition, highlighting a mutual commitment to positive societal impact.

Advens’ Purpose: Cybersecurity, Humanity, Planet
Advens, a pioneer in the field of cybersecurity, has always positioned itself well beyond the traditional expectations of a digital security company. Its purpose fully integrates a holistic vision: protecting digital infrastructures, certainly, but also contributing to a better world for humanity and the planet. Advens firmly believes that businesses and their employees have a crucial role to play in the positive transformation of the world. It is with this mindset that Advens adopts a value-sharing model generated by its cybersecurity activities, reinvesting in initiatives that promote environmental protection, social inclusion, and the education of the young and most vulnerable, notably through its endowment fund, Advens For People and Planet.

Ynov : Education as a Lever for Change, Educating to Transform
Ynov shares this transformative vision, considering education as a fundamental pillar to prepare future generations to actively contribute to a more equitable and sustainable society. The collaboration with Advens allows Ynov to enhance its cybersecurity educational offerings while aligning with social and environmental goals. For Ynov, education is a powerful agent of change, capable of preparing future generations to become key players in building a safer, more inclusive, and environmentally respectful society. The synergy with Advens lies in this common belief that education and technology, when directed towards positive ends, can lead to significant advancements for the common good.

Joint Actions for a Sustainable Impact
The partnership is expressed through a series of concrete actions aimed at enriching the educational experience, promoting responsible innovation, and supporting projects with a lasting impact. These initiatives reflect the commitment of both organizations to foster diversity and inclusion in the cybersecurity sector and to raise awareness of environmental issues.

A Mutual Commitment to Change
The collaboration between Advens and Ynov is a call to action for their ecosystem, encouraging employees, clients, and partners to participate in this change process. The ambition is to leverage their collective influence to encourage a positive evolution of society and ensure a secure digital future for all.
The partnership between Advens and Ynov symbolizes the belief that collaboration and the sharing of values can lead to significant advances, both in the field of cybersecurity and in social and ecological development. This duo demonstrates that it is possible to combine professional success with societal contribution, thus offering an inspiring model of cooperation for the future.

YNOV Cybersecurity Training :
• 700 students in the 2023 academic year across our 10 YNOV campuses throughout France;
• Seela X Stormshield certification;
• SecNumEdu label from ANSSI;
• Ynov Campus, learning partner of AIRBUS for the first Master’s in Cybersecurity in the aerospace and defense sector, within Airbus Cybersecurity School.

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