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Tenable Expands Generative AI Capabilities

March 2024 by Marc Jacob

Tenable® announced enhancements to ExposureAI, the generative AI capabilities and services within its Tenable One Exposure Management Platform. The new features enable customers to quickly summarize relevant attack paths, ask questions of an AI assistant and receive specific mitigation guidance to act on intelligence and reduce risk. The platform’s generative AI-powered search and chat applications are fueled by Google Cloud – including Gemini models in Vertex AI.

Organizations face a high volume of exposures and more complicated threat actor tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP’s) across the modern attack surface today. They are also facing a global cyber workforce shortage of 5.5 million trained professionals, according to the most recent data from ISC2 . Even the most seasoned security experts struggle to sort through, understand and prioritize complex attack paths.

As a result, 44% of IT and cyber leaders say they are either very confident or extremely confident that they can leverage generative AI to improve their organization’s cybersecurity strategy . Tenable Attack Path Analysis, part of the Tenable One platform, leverages generative AI-based capabilities to help organizations enhance their preventive security. This includes explainability functionality that provides specific mitigation guidance with clear visibility and succinct analysis of complex attack paths, specific assets or security findings.

These new AI capabilities enable virtually anyone in the security team to digest and take action on the most complex attack paths across various exposures to stay steps ahead of attackers. Added functionality includes:

● Attack Path Summary: Security practitioners can view a summary generated for each attack path in a single pane of glass that provides comprehensive descriptions of the entire attack path and gives direction on how an attacker can leverage a live attack path within the environment.
● AI Assistant: Users can ask Tenable’s AI assistant specific questions about the summarized attack path, as well as each node along the attack path. Questions like: What can you tell me about this asset? How many domain admins have access to this asset? Which patch can I apply to mitigate the vulnerability in this attack path?What is the number of attack paths this patch mitigates?
● Mitigation Guidance: This feature automatically provides specific mitigation guidance for each attack path. Security and IT practitioners no longer need to spend time sifting through options to determine which patch or version number to apply, or which user group has unauthorized access.

Tenable One combines vulnerability management, cloud security, OT security, external attack surface management (EASM), identity security, web application, and API scanning data to discover weaknesses before attackers can exploit them. It continuously monitors environments delivering the broadest exposure management coverage available.

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