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telent to keep London’s traffic moving with three-year CCTV contract renewal

November 2019 by Patrick LEBRETON

telent will continue to provide maintenance of more than 800 street-based CCTV cameras associated Operator Interfaces

telent Technology Services Ltd (telent), has extended its CCTV maintenance contract with Transport for London (TfL) for an additional three-years.

Under the agreement, which telent has held since April 2015, it will continue to provide maintenance of more than 800 street-based CCTV cameras and associated Operator Interfaces in TfL’s control centre, offices and on London’s streets.

telent will also restore, upgrade and install CCTV equipment across each of the 33 London Boroughs on TfL’s road network, acting as the eyes on the street for TfL. The contract extension will provide a highly scalable solution that will maintain the current high operational performance and will reduce staff time for planning and inspection of the CCTV equipment.

telent was initially awarded the contract following a competitive process, where it provided the best value offering, taking over from the long-serving incumbent who had been in place for over 10 years. telent demonstrated a collaborative and flexible approach towards TfL’s asset management in the bid, which has continued into the day-to-day collaborative relationships telent has built with TfL’s team.

telent’s portfolio covers both overground and underground networks, with an extensive background in the design, equipment qualification and deployment of technologies to operate within a variety of specialised applications. With a successful track record for more than 13 years, telent has maintained positive performance levels while ensuring minimal disruption to services across London.

Celebrating a series of transport triumphs, the contract extension builds on telent’s work in mission-critical environments, with other customers including Network Rail, Highways England’s, University of Exeter and the nuclear power plant Hinkley Point C.

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