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September 3-5, 2024 Caesars Forum - Las Vegas (USA): Commercial UAV Expo, presented by Commercial UAV News

June 2024 by Marc Jacob

commercial drone trade show and conference focusing on the integration and operation of commercial UAS in select vertical markets.
2024 marks the 10th edition of Commercial UAV Expo, demonstrating a passionate continued commitment to the commercial UAS industry. Since its inception, Commercial UAV Expo has aimed to serve as an essential platform for collaboration, and knowledge exchange amid the ongoing growth and revolution of the commercial UAS sector – and this year is set to be its biggest yet.

Commercial drone professionals are eagerly anticipating Commercial UAV Expo 2024, where they can look forward to critical, timely education delivered by industry leaders, opportunities to network and engage with peers, and the best opportunity of the year to see and learn about the newest technology through conference sessions, workshops, and live-action Outdoor Flying Demonstrations. The show floor features an expanded exhibit hall with an expected 225 industry-leading providers showcasing their latest UAS solutions including airframes, software, sensors, and services. The event is expected to attract 3,750 commercial drone professionals from around the world and is backed by more than 300 associations and media companies.

The conference program provides actionable information in Keynote Presentations and industry focused panels, where drone innovators, regulators, and end-users share their expertise and vision and discuss the critical issues facing the industry; solutions-based conference sessions that offer practical, actionable education for professionals working with UAS across markets including construction, infrastructure, and energy & utilities; and in-depth conference sessions that provide up-to-the-minute information on topics that affect everyone in UAS, such as FAA regulations, BVLOS operations, technology adoption, accuracy requirements, safety, power, and more.

The Drone Pilot Hub is a new, dynamic space in the Commercial UAV Exhibit Hall that will feature content tailored for attendees who are new or current professional drone pilots. Learning opportunities include drone pilot preparations for Part 107 tests, discussion of standard operating procedures and best practices for flights, and details of regulation and documentation.

Commercial UAV Expo and Commercial UAV News are organized by Diversified Communications, a global event producer that also organizes Commercial UAV Expo Europe, Digital Construction Week and Geo Business (London, UK), and Geo Week (Denver, CO).

This year’s Commercial UAV Expo keynotes are set to define what it means to accelerate commercial viability for drone technology on a whole new level. What are some of the most pivotal changes, challenges, and implications shaping the landscape of commercial drone regulation from the FAA? What does it mean for a “drone champion” to define efficiencies that the technology can unlock for large organizations in the public and private sectors? Keynoters will answer these questions and more while also outlining developments that will have a profound impact on the entire drone industry. Official Keynote Announcements will be forthcoming.

Twice each month, the Commercial UAV News podcast, Uncrewed Views, takes a candid and lively look at the drone industry, the integration of uncrewed systems and geospatial technology, the future of AAM, and comprehensive analysis of drone industry news and trends.

1. Are we finally beyond the hype?
For years, drone technology rode a wave of speculative excitement, promising explosive growth. While this hype proved unsustainable and led to industry consolidation, it was rooted in a genuine vision of the value drones could offer. In 2024, that value is finally being demonstrably quantified, marking a clear shift into a post-hype era. However, the question remains: has the industry definitively climbed out of the initial slump, or is it merely on an upward trajectory? Whether the technology is fully through the trough or on an upward slope will be a major topic of discussion at Commercial UAV Expo.
2. What are the top real-world use cases of drone technology?
Commercial UAV Expo is set to showcase the tangible impact drones are delivering across industries in a whole new way. In Energy & Utilities, drones are optimizing operations and inspections. In Construction, they’re creating value out of thin air. For Critical Infrastructure Inspections, they’re enhancing safety and efficiency. These specifics will be broken down in separate education tracks, each of which will feature multiple case studies that will outline exactly where and how the technology is creating value.
3. Will Part 108 redefine commercial drone regulation?
Part 107 unlocked a new era for commercial drones, but Part 108 could be an even bigger milestone. This groundbreaking FAA rule will unleash a wave of lucrative opportunities and supercharge existing applications, allowing drones to truly scale across countless industries. This topic will be specifically explored during a Part 108 brief but will dominate conversations across the program and floor.
4. What does it mean for the drone pilot community to come together?
As the commercial drone industry evolves, so do the opportunities for drone pilots. Technological leaps, evolving regulations, and growing industry recognition are fueling these opportunities, but how can pilots best navigate these new developments? And who can pilots look to for support? For the first time ever, Commercial UAV Expo will offer dedicated education and networking—designed specifically for drone pilots—to answer these questions individually but also for the larger drone pilot community.
5. What’s the latest for drones and AI?
The UAV industry is at the forefront of breakthroughs in automation and artificial intelligence (AI). Drone data is being utilized to create detailed 3D models for inspections, and it is also guiding drones through areas with no GPS signal, all of which is happening thanks to AI-enabled innovations. From streamlined flight plans to advanced security systems to operations that counter rogue drones, AI is making a difference in multiple sectors. Commercial UAV Expo will showcase how drone companies are harnessing automation and AI to make their operations more efficient, safer, and more profitable.
6. Who are the individuals and organizations defining the future of the industry?
The drone industry is defined by the innovators, visionaries, and disruptors who are bringing fresh approaches to current challenges. This year’s program features individuals who are shaping the present and future of the industry, while the exhibit floor will feature industry stalwarts that are doing the same. Additionally, several companies that are new to Commercial UAV Expo will be showcasing their products and services. Discover the established giants and rising stars who are shaping the future of drones.

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Caesars Forum (note: NOT Caesars Palace)
City: Las Vegas, NV, USA

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