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SentinelOne announced new capabilities within its Singularity Platform

May 2024 by Marc Jacob

SentinelOne announced new capabilities within its Singularity Platform designed to democratise adva nced cybersecurity operations. The company unveiled the capabilities, which make top-tier Security Operations Centres (SOC) a reality for companies of all sizes, at RSA 2024.

With today’s news, SentinelOne is democratising cybersecurity through AI and automation, enabling every enterprise to operate at the same scale, speed and sophistication, regardless of budgets and resources. When combined with the visibility of the Singularity Platform and the breadth and scale of the Singularity Data Lake, Purple AI provides an always-on, expert analyst to augment the skills of any security team and supercharge their capabilities.

Beyond a chatbot or virtual assistant, Purple AI is an advanced AI security solution that not only creates complex data queries from natural language, but anticipates what security analysts need to do and recommends next steps. Key features demonstrated and in use today include:
• AI-powered anomaly detection: Purple AI surfaces correlated risks from integrated log sources.
• Automated alert triage: The technology analyses trillions of anonymised data signals at a global scale to evaluate how security analysts assess and respond to similar alerts and provides automated verdicts and recommended actions.
• AI-powered response recommendations and hyper automation rules: Using global similarity analyses, Purple AI provides intelligent response recommendations based on how others have responded to similar alerts and smart recommendations to turn those actions into hyper automation rules to put response actions in autonomous mode.
• 24/7 Auto-investigations: Through zero-touch auto-investigation capabilities, Purple AI eliminates the need for human-driven investigations and empowers security teams to focus on validating and mitigating threats at scale.
All current and future Purple AI capabilities are deeply embedded across the Singularity Platform and accessible via a new unified security console, the Singularity Operations Centre.

Democratising the SOC
And analysts see it as game changing.
“The combination of AI, data and autonomous capabilities in a single platform is powerful,” said Steve McDowell, Chief Analyst, NAND Research. “Generative AI gives you a window into everything that’s happening across your environment and allows you to have a real, data-driven conversation with your infrastructure. Combining that with a unified data lake and platform-driven approach can accelerate and simplify how you protect the enterprise.”

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