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Panzura, LLC announced the availability of Panzura Detect and Rescue

April 2024 by Marc Jacob

Panzura, LLC announced the general availability of Panzura Detect and Rescue. This solution offers near real-time ransomware detection capabilities, enabling businesses to take a more proactive stance against increasing ransomware threats. By uniquely combining powerful, AI-infused detection software with expert-guided recovery, Panzura Detect and Rescue adds layers of ransomware resilience to the company’s market-leading hybrid cloud data platform, Panzura CloudFS. In the event of a ransomware breach, average recovery time is slashed from multiple days to a mere hours, significantly mitigating the risk associated with ransomware incidents.

The launch of Panzura Detect and Rescue comes at a time when the ransomware threat is greater than ever. According to a Q3 2023 Global Ransomware Report from Corvus Insurance, ransomware attacks saw a 95% increase between 2022 and 2023, and Sophos estimates that two-thirds of organizations globally are now directly impacted by ransomware threats each year. Nearly a third (32%) of these companies pay ransom funds to recover their data.

The average time it takes for organizations to recover from a ransomware attack and get back to business as usual is 21 days, but it can often take much longer. With Panzura Detect and Rescue, suspicious behavior and patterns trigger automated alerts and interdiction within minutes, containing the risk while slashing the time to intervention and remediation. This helps organizations evolve robust passive protection — via the immutable data storage provided by Panzura CloudFS — into dynamic, active protection.

Ransomware now makes up nearly a quarter of all breaches, with enterprise storage systems being a prime target given the masses of valuable unstructured data they hold. Panzura Detect and Rescue provides unrivaled resilience against all known — and unknown — threat families by layering active detection on top of Panzura’s innovative file storage architecture to deliver AI-infused ransomware resilience through a combination of cloud-native software and expert assistance.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) also advocates that Infrastructure & Operations teams within organizations take an “active defense” approach to cybersecurity, developing synchronized, real-time capabilities to discover, detect, analyze, and mitigate threats and vulnerabilities. In line with NIST guidelines in its new Cybersecurity Framework, Panzura Detect and Rescue is key to helping businesses identify, detect, respond, and recover from cyberattacks at unparalleled speed.

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