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NEW expert insights: LockBit ransomware takedown is just a start

February 2024 by Frank Gartland, CTO at Skillable

The LockBit ransomware gang disruption comes at a critical time when cyberattack victims doubled in the past year. Frank Gartland, CTO at Skillable, shares insights on why this takedown is great - yet not enough:

“The international operation that took down the notorious LockBit ransomware gang is an incredible feat and a step in the right direction to mitigate against cyberattacks - but it doesn’t mean we let our guard down. It’s actually a prime example of why we need to double down on making sure our teams have the skills they need to defend and solve an attack. Malicious actors have doubled in the last year, due in part to the mass availability of generative AI tools as the culprit.

It is essential to ensure that the skills of IT workers can respond to immediate threats. Whether it is upskilling workers on new curriculum like AI TRiSM, AI-specific cybersecurity training, or rolling out employee training programs to match the onboarding of new AI-fraud prevention services, training allows employers to be nimble and quickly respond to the sudden rise of new challenges. But companies need to take the initiative to offer upskilling to their workforce, which is often lacking. Data from Skillable reinforces this: 37% of tech workers are struggling with a lack of training tied to their role, with AI TRiSM is ranked as the #1 critical skill to learn.”

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