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NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, INC. announced it expanded its Arbor Cloud DDoS attack mitigation network

June 2024 by Marc Jacob

NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, INC. announced it expanded its Arbor Cloud DDoS attack mitigation network to 16 scrubbing centres worldwide with the recent addition of a new Toronto facility. This network offers ISPs and enterprise customers more than 15 terabits per second (Tbps) of dedicated attack capacity.

Canadian businesses and organisations will benefit from this new scrubbing centre with lower latency because attack traffic takes less time to be diverted for mitigation and redirection to Canadian destinations. In addition, Canadian-originated and destined traffic and data remain within Canadian borders to help organisations comply with privacy and data sovereignty regulations at provincial and national levels.

According to NETSCOUT’s recent Threat Intelligence Report[1], Canada-based organisations experienced more than 130,000 DDoS attacks in the second half of 2023, with adversaries targeting financial services, education, insurance, healthcare, and government sectors. Arbor Cloud is a cloud-based managed DDoS attack mitigation service that can augment on-premises DDoS defence with cloud-based traffic scrubbing services that are tightly integrated via automated cloud signalling, providing comprehensive protection against complex multi-vector attacks. It is backed by the visibility and threat detection offered through Arbor Sightline[2], which works with the Arbor Threat Mitigation System (TMS)[3] to surgically remove DDoS attack traffic.

Arbor Cloud uses the global visibility and DDoS threat intelligence provided by NETSCOUT’s ATLAS® Intelligence Feed (AIF) to automatically stop the latest DDoS threats. It is backed by ASERT, a team of leading industry DDoS attack mitigation experts ready to help quickly mitigate attacks so they don’t negatively impact business.

Working in concert with Arbor Edge Defense (AED), an on-premises, always-on, stateless solution installed in-line in the customer network, Arbor Cloud provides a high-availability backstop to AED’s real-time DDoS mitigation capability. With cloud signalling to Arbor Cloud, AED can automatically get the additional capacity needed to mitigate any size attack on a customer’s infrastructure – especially those that exceed the capacity of their internet circuit.

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