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nContext Offering Evaluates, Scores Cyber Risks; Self-Identifies Fixes

September 2017 by Marc Jacob

Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) business unit
nContext, an innovator in deriving strategic insights from contextual data analysis,
announces its new offering: Cybersecurity Intelligence Risk Underwriting Score
(CIRUS). CIRUS is designed to help companies and government agencies better
understand their own cybersecurity posture by comparing it to industry peers,
supplier networks or the marketplace at-large. CIRUS can also inform the due
diligence process for a wide variety of critical business decisions ranging from
mergers and acquisitions to partnering and supplier arrangements.

CIRUS assesses an entity’s cybersecurity risk in three categories: dark web
presence, past cyberattacks and vulnerabilities – all without any input required
from the target. CIRUS presents the complex, technically challenging, yet critical,
assessment in an easy-to-understand score, similar to a FICO® credit score. Key
benefits of CIRUS include self-evaluation, benchmarking, and target evaluation, as
well as identification of risk mitigation opportunities such as implementing patch
management, closing previously unknown ports, and addressing possible espionage or
cybertheft of company data.

CIRUS complements nContext’s cybersecurity offerings. Together, the two provide a
full suite of products by offering a view into publicly held companies using open
and commercial sources without acquiring information from within a company’s
firewall perimeter. Companies that provide detailed netflow and log data will
benefit from analytics using nContext’s cybersecurity correlation and automation
tool, another offering in the cybersecurity toolbox.

CIRUS offers commercial sector cybersecurity risk assessments on a wider range of
companies compared to other service providers. In addition, nContext’s extensive
experience with government agencies and public companies, plus its breadth of data
sources, combines with CIRUS to provide a holistic view of the cyberthreat

As a business unit of SNC, a multi-billion-dollar company that has been providing
innovative solutions in the areas of aerospace, aviation, electronics, and systems
integration for more than 50 years, nContext builds on SNC’s history of innovation
in cutting-edge technologies, processes and analytics. With these strong ties to
SNC, nContext has the resources and capability of a major corporation to provide
efficient data sciences for predictive measures while still developing a cohesive
and intimate client relationship.

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