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Logpoint launches new capabilities to help MSSPs gain control over security operations

April 2024 by Patrick LEBRETON

Logpoint Director, the platform to manage large deployments, enhanced with centralised monitoring to control all health metrics for customers. Logpoint introduces templates for syslog configuration, more flexible log retention and improved user access control.

Logpoint is announcing the release of new capabilities to its Director and Converged SIEM platforms to improve performance and operational experience, as well as continue to fine tune usability. The improvements help MSSPs streamline security operations across customers and other organisations save valuable time on configuration and enhance performance and compliance.

The updated Logpoint Director’s comes with a centralised monitoring dashboard to help system administrators detect operational issues earlier and resolve them faster. MSSPs can monitor trends of various systems and performance metrics and act proactively to mitigate any issues. In addition, the updated platform expands templated log sources to the syslog collector, enabling MSSPs to ensure consistency across tenants. As a result, MSSPs save valuable time on manual health checks and operational workload of log source configuration.

The SIEM release enhances performance in log querying, offers dark mode viewing, support cloud based cold storage in Azure using Azure Blob Storage and improved access control granularity for log sources. The upgrades help MSSPs and other organisations increase operational control and save valuable time to focus efforts on more value-adding tasks. In addition, they bring down the total cost of ownership and allow for optimisation of resources.

The SOAR release includes memory usage improvements for better performance, hierarchical monitoring and debugging of playbooks and configurable persistent per-user viewing of playbooks and cases. The improvements make it easier for MSSPs and organisations to manage playbooks, navigate content of new packages in a simple way, and control the view across cases and playbooks to streamline operations.

Logpoint Director helps MSSPs and MDRs update, operate and monitor multitenant and large deployments with ease across customers. Director gives them the ability to manage hundreds of customers from a single interface, saving valuable time and eliminating swivel chair processes. Logpoint Converged SIEM is an out-of-the-box platform that accelerates TDIR by combining multiple tools, SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, and endpoint security into one.

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