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Indian Power Giant Chooses Matrix SATATYA SAMAS - Video Management Software for its Centralized Video Surveillance Operations

February 2024 by Marc Jacob

Renowned as a significant entity in the power industry, the Indian Power Giant stands as a key player in India’s public sector power utility domain. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Power, Government of India, it specializes in hydroelectric power generation and associated endeavors. With a steadfast commitment to providing clean, sustainable, and cost-effective energy, the Power Giant has successfully executed numerous large-scale hydroelectric projects, making substantial contributions to India’s energy landscape.

Business Challenge:

The Indian Power Giant encountered a formidable obstacle with its existing video surveillance infrastructure, comprising 128 IP cameras and NVRs of disparate makes and models dispersed across its facility. This diversity in camera types presented a significant hurdle to centralized surveillance efforts, resulting in delayed detection of security incidents, prolonged response times, and an overall compromised security stance. Moreover, the lack of a video management software capable of seamlessly integrating with various third-party IP cameras and NVRs compounded the issue.

Key Challenges:

1. Absence of a centralized video management solution for over 100 IP cameras and NVRs deployed at multiple locations within the facility.
2. Difficulty in finding a Video Management Software (VMS) compatible with diverse third-party IP cameras and NVRs.
3. Varied user interfaces of IP cameras and NVRs from different brands causing user confusion.
4. Inability to integrate the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system with the existing VMS, missing out on enhanced access control and vehicle tracking opportunities.
5. The Power Giant faced issues related to manual monitoring and tracking of vehicles entering or leaving their premises.


The deployment of Matrix SATATYA SAMAS - Video Management Software emerged as the solution to the Indian Power Giant’s challenges. SATATYA SAMAS seamlessly integrated all 128 third-party IP cameras and NVRs across the facility, facilitating smooth centralized video surveillance operations. The Admin Client simplified the addition of cameras and NVRs, while the Smart Client enabled effortless playback and monitoring. With the Mobile Client, remote surveillance became feasible from any location, ensuring continuous monitoring of the facility. SATATYA SAMAS effectively addressed the hurdles, providing a user-friendly video management system that significantly enhanced overall security system efficacy.

Furthermore, Matrix introduced an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) solution at 12 entry points within the power plant premises. This strategic implementation mandated vehicle authentication at the entry gates, allowing access only upon successful authentication. The ANPR solution captured license plate data, converted it into digital format, and securely stored it in the database, bolstering security measures and establishing a robust record-keeping system for enhanced monitoring and vehicular access control.

All in all, Matrix enhanced security for the Indian Power Giant.

Products Offered:

Matrix License Dongle 200
USB Dongle to Run Matrix SATATYA SAMAS

Enterprise Video Management Software

License for Adding 100 Additional Cameras

License for Adding 20 Additional Cameras

License for Adding 5 Additional Cameras

3 Concurrent User Licence for Smart Client and Mobile Client

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Licence for 10 Cameras

Automatic Number Plate Recognition Licence for 1 Camera


1. Interoperability: SATATYA SAMAS facilitated seamless integration with all third-party IP cameras and NVRs, regardless of their models or brands, ensuring a unified and interoperable video management system.
2. Efficient Monitoring: The centralized video surveillance system enabled comprehensive monitoring from a single interface.
3. Effortless Management and Playback: The user-friendly Admin Client simplified camera and NVR management, while the Smart Client facilitated easy playback and monitoring for prompt security responses.
4. Remote Monitoring: The Mobile Client enabled on-the-go surveillance from any location, coupled with instant notifications and alerts for swift response.
5. Enhanced Access Control: Matrix’s ANPR solution enhanced access control by authenticating vehicles.
6. Improved Vehicle Tracking: The ANPR solution facilitated accurate vehicle tracking and security through license plate capture and storage.

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