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Improve network security with ARCHANGEL© 2.0 NGFW Zero Trust VPN

January 2024 by Patrick Houyoux LL.M. ULB, Brussels, Trinity College, Cambridge, UK. President – Director PT SYDECO

In a world where data protection is crucial, virtual private networks (VPNs) are often used to ensure secure access to sensitive information. However, the traditional VPN model has major flaws, both in terms of its infrastructure and its usage practices.

Weaknesses of Traditional VPN

The security flaws of traditional VPN are multiple. On the one hand, trust in the third-party VPN server is a major concern for many establishments, as their strength often remains unknown. Additionally, risks are exacerbated by vulnerabilities in VPN server operating systems, account takeover attacks, and advanced persistent threats, such as denial of service attacks.

On the other hand, weaknesses are also observed on the user side. They can bypass the VPN to access the institution’s data or, even worse, compromise their own access, opening the door to security breaches.

ARCHANGEL© 2.0: An Innovative Solution

Faced with these challenges, PT SYDECO has developed ARCHANGEL© 2.0 NGFW, an innovative solution integrating a VPN server secured by the new generation ARCHANGEL© 2.0 firewall, based on the fundamental principle of Zero Trust.

This revolutionary system places the VPN server within the establishment itself, reinforced by the new generation ARCHANGEL© 2.0 firewall. Each element of this architecture and the components used to mount the servers is carefully scrutinized to evaluate and guarantee its security, thus eliminating any dependence on external third parties.

Key Features

The use of the VPN becomes essential within the private network: access to the internet is conditioned by the connection to the VPN server. If this connection is interrupted, external access is immediately suspended. Likewise, access to internal data, servers and communications between users is strictly linked to the presence on the VPN server. Additionally, authentication methods are designed to prevent account takeover, thereby strengthening overall security.

ARCHANGEL© 2.0 goes even further by creating micro-segmentation within the establishment, thus strengthening the security of data and servers. This approach, based on the paradigms of Zero Trust and micro-segmentation, sets a new security standard for enterprise networks.


In short, ARCHANGEL© 2.0 NGFW represents a major evolution in network security. By adopting a Zero Trust VPN model combined with intelligent micro-segmentation, this solution offers an unrivaled level of protection, meeting today’s data and network infrastructure security needs.

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