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iProov Announces Partnership with Jumio to Roll Out Liveness Detection Worldwide

April 2021 by Marc Jacob

iProov is announcing that it is partnering with Jumio to roll out its proven liveness detection solutions worldwide.

Jumio, the provider of AI-powered end-to-end identity verification and KYC solutions, selected iProov’s liveness technology to distinguish between imagery of a live user present at the point of capture versus a fake from a spoofed artifact.

The iProov integration delivers a number of significant advantages to Jumio’s identity verification customers, including:

● High Conversion Rates: iProov’s industry-leading accuracy and low false rejection rates mean more legitimate customers get approved which translates to higher throughput and customer satisfaction.
● Fast Onboarding: iProov’s user experience involves just a few steps with minimal instructions which makes it an intuitive experience for new customers being onboarded.
● Natural User Experience: iProov lets users take a selfie from a natural arm position where the user looks down at their phone which improves the user experience.
● Small SDK Size: iProov’s software development kit (SDK), which is embedded into Jumio’s own SDK, is significantly smaller than most solutions on the market.

Why is this important now? The shift to the use of remote online services and payments during the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a sharp increase in online crime and fraud. The Jumio and iProov partnership brings Liveness Assurance and Genuine Presence Assurance to enterprises around the globe ensuring that the online user is genuine (i.e., not an imposter), physically present and not a sophisticated cyberattack using deepfakes.

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