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Flexera’s New Software Vulnerability Manager First to Shut Risk Window…for Good

June 2017 by Marc Jacob

When WannaCry hit, the world learned that for two months a patch had been available that would have prevented the problem. But its victims were those that hadn’t yet deployed this patch. As many companies discovered the hard way, there is an unacceptable ‘risk window’ that persists between the discovery of a software vulnerability and when the patch is successfully installed. In 2016 17,147 vulnerabilities were recorded in 2,136 products from 246 vendors. 81 percent of those vulnerabilities had patches available on the same day as disclosure. But, on average, it takes companies 186 days to completely install those patches[1]. This risk window gives hackers plenty of opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities, and perpetrate attacks with costly consequences to businesses.

Flexera, the company reimagining how software is bought, sold, managed and secured, announces that it is closing the risk window. Launched today, Software Vulnerability Manager is the first product to fix the broken remediation process, helping companies shut the risk window by quickly identifying, prioritising and patching vulnerabilities used as entry points by hackers. With the launch of Software Vulnerability Manager, CEOs can now rest easier.

Bye Point-of-Failure, Hello SecOps

When WannaCry-type attacks arise, they confirm that remediation remains a constant point of failure in vulnerability management programmes. Software Vulnerability Manager uses vulnerability intelligence, powered by Secunia Research at Flexera, to allow organisations to continually track, identify and remediate vulnerable software – before exploitation leads to costly breaches. It bridges existing gaps in vulnerability management programmes, and connects IT Security and IT Operations to ensure a smooth hand-off from identification to remediation, significantly reducing the risk window.

[1] Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report

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