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Emproof launches new online demos for IP protection and exploit mitigation solution

June 2024 by Marc Jacob

Emproof has announced the launch of two new online demos for Emproof Nyx, its state-of-the-art IP protection and exploit mitigation solution for embedded software. The launch of these demos underpins Emproof’s commitment to educating the industry on the potential threats to all software systems, especially embedded systems, by delivering a lightweight software security framework, saving companies time, money and engineering resources.

Emproof Nyx is designed to secure your software in minutes without needing source code access, using advanced binary transformation technology to shield applications and firmware from cyber threats. It offers an efficient solution for software security, providing robust protection against reverse engineering and IP theft. Its security hardening feature is tailored to strengthen software written in memory-unsafe languages such as C and C++, safeguarding it against exploitation attacks.

What to Expect from the Emproof Nyx demos:
• A live look at all the powerful security features of Emproof Nyx and how they can benefit your business
• See how Emproof Nyx can save crucial time implementing advanced security features
• Get to grips with the modern-day attacker’s toolkit and witness Emproof Nyx’s capabilities in neutralising their probing attempts.

Embedded software security is essential to a company’s overall cybersecurity strategy. While cloud, network, and data security are well-established, protecting the foundation - safeguarding the firmware and software - is critical. Failure to protect this foundation leaves everything vulnerable.

In response to these challenges, the US Government recently called for businesses to embrace memory-safe programming languages and move away from those causing buffer overflows and other memory access vulnerabilities. However, transitioning to languages like Rust isn’t easy for many businesses with legacy software in C/C++. Emproof Nyx offers a robust security solution to harden memory-unsafe languages and protect against evolving threats.

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