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Data Privacy Week – Taking Control of Data in the era of AI

January 2024 by Jason du Preez, Vice President Product Development, Privacy and Security at Informatica

As Data Privacy Week approaches, Jason du Preez, Vice President Product Development, Privacy and Security at Informatica, comments on why the companies that collect our data have the power and the responsibility to take control of data and use it for the common good.

“AI’s rapid evolution presents enormous potential for companies that equip themselves to do good with data. At the same time, organisations must prepare to deal with the demands of citizens — ‘data subjects’ — empowered by laws and regulations to take control of how their data is used.

Consumer expectations are moving compliance and the responsible use of data higher up the agenda - both with today’s privacy regulations and future, AI-focused legislation. Data governance, security and privacy are critical business priorities as a result.

Responding to this, and then going further to drive innovation and competitive advantage with data, requires a holistic approach to data management. Understanding, protecting, distributing, and monitoring data universally and consistently and ubiquitously becomes a necessity. Aligning the approach to the context in which data is being used is critical, as different use cases demand different levels of control.

Solutions must provide confidence in data quality, a high degree of automation, and integration into a diverse range of systems given the scale of demand for data access.”

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