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CybeReady Champions Security-First Culture as World Backup Day 2024 Shadowed by New Generation of Cyber Threats

March 2024 by CybeReady

CybeReady highlighted the need for cybersecurity readiness as World Backup Day 2024 approaches on March 31st. A trailblazer in cybersecurity education, the company is emphasizing the importance of equipping employees with the knowledge and tools necessary to mitigate a new generation of cyberthreats, attacks, and data loss by becoming proactive in building a security-minded employee culture.

World Backup Day, initiated in 2011, serves as a global reminder of the importance of data backup to enable business continuity after a data loss event, often caused by a malicious cyberattack. Preventative measures, including regular data backups, are essential, but they must be supported by comprehensive cybersecurity education to stem the risks of an attack and the need for recovery processes. CybeReady’s cybersecurity learning platform is designed to equip employees with the skills to identify and respond to cybersecurity threats effectively.

Smishing, quishing, and generative AI-driven cyberattacks represent emerging, sophisticated methods cybercriminals use to exploit human vulnerabilities and technological advances. Smishing, a blend of SMS and phishing, involves sending fraudulent text messages designed to trick recipients into divulging sensitive information or downloading malware. Quishing (Quick Response code phishing) exploits QR codes, leading unsuspecting users to malicious websites or prompting them to download harmful applications. Generative AI-driven cyberattacks mark a significant evolution in cyber threats, utilizing artificial intelligence to automate and enhance the sophistication of attacks.

As these and other cyber threats force organizations to review the processes and tools that protect their data, CybeReady is urging IT professionals to prioritize cybersecurity education and readiness. To that end, the company is putting forth the following recommendations to enhance an organization’s cybersecurity posture:

 Ensure Continuous Learning: Implement ongoing cybersecurity education programs to keep pace with evolving threats.

 Deploy Simulated Attack Scenarios: Use realistic simulations to test employee responses to phishing attempts and other cyber threats.

 Customize Learning Programs as Required: Tailor cybersecurity learning programs to the specific needs and vulnerabilities of the organization.

 Promote a Security-First Culture: Encourage employees to adopt a security-first mindset, emphasizing the importance of vigilance and responsibility.

 Leveraging Advanced Tools: Integrate cutting-edge tools and resources into cybersecurity learning campaigns to enhance outcomes.

"As technology defines both the present and the future of our global economy, ensuring every employee stands as a vigilant guardian against cyber threats is not just an option, but an imperative," said Mike Polatek, CybeReady CEO. "As World Backup Day 2024 approaches, we’re reminded that cybersecurity is not just about technology, but people. By empowering employees with continuous cybersecurity learning and readiness, we’re not just protecting data; but preserving the trust and integrity that is the foundation of every successful business."

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