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cyber CEO urges caution after Facebook breach

April 2021 by Paul Martini, CEO and Co-Founder of iboss

Around 533 million Facebook users are thought to have been affected by a recent data breach. While that number itself is enormous, it may just be the tip of the iceberg. As this information was available to bad actors for free, we’re likely to see a flood of spear-phishing and social engineering attacks, that if correctly targeted, can be devastating.

Paul Martini, CEO and Co-Founder of iboss:

“Industry research has found that the majority of employers have expressed concerns about how social media poses a cybersecurity risk to their networks. With almost 4 billion people on social media platforms, this is certainly a valid concern. While most people consider these platforms as a way to connect or reconnect with friends and family, they hold a lot of personal information about each user. In the wrong hands, this information can have far-reaching impacts at organizations of all sizes, both in the public and private sectors. Phone numbers, email addresses and other personally identifiable information found on these sites are a gold mine for threat actors looking to launch spear-phishing or other social engineering campaigns. Organizations should take this as an opportunity to remind their teams about cyber hygiene best practices, such as changing passwords frequently and taking extreme caution before clicking any link in an email."

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