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Comment in response to LockBit takedown from Christian Have, CTO, Logpoint

February 2024 by Christian Have, CTO, Logpoint

The comment on the takedown of the LockBit ransom group as sourced Christian Have, CTO, Logpoint.

“It’s great to see joint law enforcement agencies across Europe and the United States dismantle LockBit’s ransomware operations. LockBit stands out as the most prolific ransomware group with a brazen willingness to attack hospitals and critical infrastructure, unlike many of its competitors. With the arrest of two individuals and the now ongoing investigations into the group’s developers and affiliates, law enforcement sends a clear message to other malware operators that cybercrime carries considerable consequences.

“In December, the FBI seized BlackCat’s servers and leak site in conjunction with international law enforcement agencies. Last week, the FBI intercepted the Mooboot malware that Fancy Bear deployed on Ubiquiti routers and reconfigured the routers’ firewall to prevent attackers from regaining access. And now, their involvement in the efforts to take down LockBit, demonstrates how proactive measures the FBI and other law enforcements have begun to take against cyber threats.

“The disruption of the two largest ransomware gangs LockBit and BlackCat, can change the threat landscape by increasing fragmentation and decentralization further. This emphasizes the need for security teams to move beyond traditional methods of identifying security breaches based on known Indicators Of Compromise (IOCs). Instead, adopting an approach focused on detecting Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) is more sustainable, because it takes the threat actor’s dynamic methods and emerging threats into account.”

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