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COMMENT: Biden bans the sale and use of Kaspersky software in the US

June 2024 by Kevin E. Greene, Public Sector CTO at OpenText Cybersecurity

Last Week, the US government banned the sale and use of Kaspersky security software within the country, citing national security risks from the Russian Federation. The ban, effective immediately for sales and starting September 29 for use, applies to all consumers, government, and business organisations, including security updates. The commentary from Kevin E. Greene, Public Sector CTO at OpenText Cybersecurity regarding the news.

“Geopolitics continues to shape the new cyber battlefield and will require organizations to be more informed not just about cyber threats, but the impact of geopolitics on cyber activity. The latest news regarding the United States government banning Kaspersky software is something I expected years ago. Foreign software is the ideal attack vector that allows our adversaries to gain a wealth of telemetry about operating environments, but also, gain valuable intelligence as part of counterintelligence operations. We must continue to defend forward and protect this nation from hostile threats.”

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