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CISA warns of possible data theft from Chemical facilities due to a breach in its CSAT tool

June 2024 by Sylvain Cortes, VP Strategy at Hackuity

The CISA is warning of possible data theft from Chemical facilities, through a breach of its Chemical Security Assessment Tool (CSAT), that took place in January.
Sylvain Cortes, VP Strategy, Hackuity comments:

“The recent breach of the Chemical Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) environment is a stark reminder of the persistent cyber threats facing critical infrastructure sectors. In January, hackers exploited a vulnerability in an Ivanti device to deploy a web shell, compromising the CSAT portal used by facilities to report chemicals with potential terrorism uses. The incident could potentially reveal critical data, including details on the security protocols of a facility.
The urgency to address such vulnerabilities is underscored by the need to patch them as soon as fixes are available, particularly for the vulnerabilities identified as CVE-2023-46805, CVE-2024-21887, and CVE-2024-21893. Immediate patching is crucial to mitigate the risk of further exploitation and to safeguard the sensitive information that could be leveraged for malicious purposes. The incident serves as a reminder for all stakeholders to take measures to protect against the far-reaching consequences of such breaches.”

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