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BlackFog State of Ransomware Report- December 2023

January 2024 by BlackFog

BlackFog has published its State of Ransomware Report for December 2023. This report includes all publicly and non-publicly disclosed ransomware attacks, with the latest stats on prevalent ransomware groups and their attack tactics, as well as which industries and countries are the most affected.

“In December we continued to see new records, finishing with the second highest number of attacks on record with a total of 70. The latter half of 2023 saw twice the number of attacks as 2022 and shows no signs of slowing down. The unreported attack ratio was 541%, meaning companies were only reporting 1 in 5 attacks globally. While this is off its peak of 10 to 1 earlier in the year, it is still significantly higher than we would like to see.

We are hoping the new SEC reporting requirement should have some impact in January as this is now in full effect.

Healthcare finished the year as the most targeted sector with 138 attacks, and increase of 15% over the previous month. As expected, the holiday season saw increased pressure on both the retail and finance sectors with 23% and 18% increases respectively. This month also witnessed significant increases in manufacturing, education, technology and services of 20%.

In terms of variants we saw LockBit and BlackCat continue to dominate reported attacks with 19.2% and 18.4% respectively. LockBit also dominated the unreported attacks at 35.3% and BlackCat at 14.1%. Data exfiltration continues to dominate as the primary mechanism for extortion, now at 91% with traffic exfiltration to China at 29% and Russia 9%.”

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