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Zscaler Threatlabz: Fake world cup streaming sites targeting virtual fans

November 2022 by Zscaler Threatlabz

This week, Zscaler has released a new blog titled_ _Surge of Fake
FIFA World Cup Streaming Sites Targets Virtual Fans [2]_,_ which
analyses an increase in newly registered domains related to the FIFA
World Cup.

In this campaign, the ThreatLabz team have discovered the spike in cyber
attacks targeting football fans through fake streaming sites and lottery
scams, leveraging the rush and excitement around these uncommon events
to infect users with malware.

Key findings include:

* ThreatLabz researchers have observed a significant spike in new
streaming sites with newly registered domains
* Fake streaming sites are also using legitimate websites/ portals to
post fake streaming links
* Attackers are seen targeting users with multiple related scams like
World Cup match tickets, airline tickets, and themed lottery draws etc
* Different malware families have been jumping on board and leveraging
the FIFA World Cup to target football fans
* Attackers are also targeting users with the malicious cracked version
of the games related to FIFA/football
* Most of the malware and scam campaigns leveraging the ongoing FIFA
World Cup are using newly registered domains

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