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Zscaler Launches Security Assessment Program for Organizations Navigating SolarWinds Cyberattack

December 2020 by Marc Jacob

Zscaler, Inc. announced a security assessment program designed to help organizations assess the SolarWinds supply-chain attack, analyze potential impact on their organization, and inform adherence to Zscaler’s recommended best practices.

The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange Platform modernizes enterprise security with a breakthrough approach that reduces the attack surface, prevents attackers from moving freely across the organizations, and stops command-and-control activity to limit the impact of SUNBURST and other supply chain attacks. Zscaler’s in-line cloud security platform delivers the industry’s most comprehensive visibility into enterprise internet traffic, processing over 150 billion daily requests, to power up prevention against threats like SUNBURST.

The Zscaler Security Assessment is designed to help organizations gain immediate visibility into their security posture and provide expert guidance and hands-on support to protect their enterprise. A

The Zscaler Security Assessment Program brings together security experts to educate organizations on the attack, guide them through Zscaler’s recommended best practices, and offer hands-on expertise to implement best practices. Via this program, our security experts will:
● Provide best practices for securing workload to Internet traffic, including inspection of SSL/TLS encrypted traffic.
● Perform a security policy audit to ensure organizations adhere to recommended best practices for protection.
● Offer guidance on reducing attack surface and limiting the impact of lateral movement with a zero trust architecture.
● Provide hands-on implementation of recommended best practices by security experts.

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