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Zero Day Live platform by Stealthcare predicts unsurpassed number of cyber attacks

October 2018 by Patrick LEBRETON

Zero Day Live, the world’s first complete aggregation threat intelligence platform developed by Stealthcare, reached a new cybersecurity milestone by delivering an unsurpassed number of accurate threat intelligence predictions that gave clients the advance warning needed to defend against increasingly sophisticated and dangerous cyberattacks.

A recent Riskemy report confirms the effectiveness of Stealthcare’s Zero Day Live by stating that the platform, "Spotted early warning signs of massive cyberattacks, including the WannaCry ransomware of 2017, the 2016 Dyn cyberattack, and attacks on both the Democratic and Republican National Committees that began in 2015."

For over a year, Zero Day Live has been identifying and alerting Stealthcare clients to the ever persistent 2018 Samas ransomware variants that shut down Atlanta’s municipal services for days. In addition to malware alerts, the Stealthcare platform identified the emergence of a broad threat to the safety, security and value of cryptocurrencies: in-browser cryptojacking that enables hackers to pilfer accounts holding less-well-known currencies such as Monero, Coinhive and Zcash reports IT-Online.

Over a decade in development and testing, Zero Day Live is technology re-engineered from an international cybersecurity think tank and artificial intelligence research initiative. It was rebuilt by cybersecurity experts, upgraded by hardcore hackers, and launched as a cyber threat intelligence platform.

According to Stealthcare’s research and development team, "Our goal was to far-and-away exceed ordinary cybersecurity vendors that merely provide access to information. We wanted to offer truly anticipatory, content-based customized intelligence and succeeded with Zero Day Live. On a daily basis, we deliver predictive analytics to our clients of impending threats and provide the countermeasures they need to prevent the loss of millions of dollars in brand equity, intellectual property, reputation and financial assets."

"Zero Day Live is fully integrated with Stealthcare’s human intelligence resources, making it an even more powerful offensive weapon against hackers of every stripe," says CEO Jeremy Samide, an international authority on the foreign policy decisions, and missteps that provoke state-sponsored and sympathizer cyberattacks.

Samide advises government agencies and the private sector on geopolitical threats, and is quoted regularly by media that include The Libertarian Republic on China in connection with the current trade wars, Cryptocore Media on North Korea, in connection with bitcoin hoarding, and by The Telegraph on North Korea’s role in international WannaCry cyberattacks.

Samide, together with economist and terrorism expert Loretta Napoleoni, recently conducted intelligence on state-sponsored cyberattacks. Portions of his findings appear in her latest book, North Korea The Country We Love to Hate.

Stealthcare has been an industry leader in changing the paradigm in cybersecurity from defense to an offensive stance based on early warning and threat assessment that relies on the Zero Day Live platform, machine learning and human intelligence. This gives clients the tools they need to respond quickly and effectively to the most sophisticated cyberattacks.

For further details visit Stealthcare News.

Stealthcare is a research-based cybersecurity firm procuring its own intelligence via dark web research, expertise and cutting-edge machine learning technology. Located in Cleveland, with offices in Los Angeles and Toronto, Stealthcare specializes in zero-day threats, orchestration of existing security infrastructure, and cybersecurity risk advisory and consulting services.

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