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Your SSN costs less than a Starbucks coffee on the dark web

March 2020 by Atlas VPN

According to the Atlas VPN investigation, SSNs cost as little as $4 on the darknet. Financial details are a bit more expensive. Access details to a compromised bank account with a $10,000 balance cost $25. Interestingly, the price also depends on the victim’s credit score. The better the score, the higher the rate.

Moreover, vendors sell forged documents as well. Physical passport prices range from $2,980 to $5,000, depending on which countries passport you need. US passports cost around 3,000 while less often requested ones, such as European passports, cost close to $5,000.

On to the last group of things for sale on the dark web - hacker services. Here, you can pay hackers to attack websites or even specific individuals. A one-hour DDoS attack costs around $165. Attacking a government or bank website will cost 2-5 times more.

The full report also covers what organized criminal groups sell to one another on secret dark web forums.

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