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WorldStream joins Dutch Hosting Provider Association (DHPA)

February 2020 by Marc Jacob

WorldStream has joined industry association DHPA, Trusted Cloud Experts. WorldStream sees the increasing scale of its own company as well as the need for a hosting industry-wide approach to cybercrime as important arguments for membership of DHPA.

The members of DHPA are among the largest, most innovative cloud and hosting providers in the Netherlands. After its founding in 2006, WorldStream has experienced a significant growth, especially since 2016 when the company started offering ’unmanaged’ dedicated servers with a fixed price for high bandwidth. This proposition proved to be internationally appealing and also resulted in the enormous size of the WorldStream network backbone - with a current bandwidth capacity of more than 10Tbps. According to WorldStream, this scale requires increasing responsibility when it comes to facilitating the fight against cybercrime. WorldStream expects to be able to do more in this respect in conjunction with other companies within the hosting industry.

90,000 servers, R&D department, SDN, anti-DDoS

As an Infrastructure-as-a-Service hosting provider WorldStream serves customers worldwide with its unmanaged IaaS hosting solutions. It does this from two own data centers located in Naaldwijk, near Rotterdam and The Hague. The total capacity of WorldStream’s largest and newest data center was doubled to 20,000 servers in 2019. In addition, plans are being drawn up for the construction of an entirely new data center near the two existing locations, allowing the total capacity to grow further to 90,000 servers in the next few years.

WorldStream has its own R&D department from which a new anti-DDoS platform has recently emerged with a layered architecture based on intelligent clustering technology - to repel large DDoS attacks, but also the smaller and more advanced DDoS attacks that often go by unnoticed.

In addition, at the end of the first quarter of 2020 a proprietary SDN on top of the global WorldStream network backbone under the name of WorldStream Elastic Network will be launched. This software-defined network aims to provide extensive data center, network and cybersecurity functionality at locations where the network has backbone Points-of-Presence. For SMEs and enterprises in the Netherlands and internationally, this offers possibilities to flexibly set up hybrid IT infrastructures including cloud in an easily accessible manner.

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