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World Backup Day - Comment from Steven Wood, EMEA Director, Carbonite

March 2021 by Steven Wood, EMEA Director, Carbonite

Carbonite, an OpenText company, helps businesses and IT professionals harness the power of cyber resilience. Steven Wood, EMEA Director, Carbonite:

“World Backup Day should serve as a reminder to all businesses to ensure they have adequate data recovery and protection strategies in place.

Data loss can happen for a multitude of reasons. We’ve witnessed businesses left with servers under four feet of water after a hurricane, networks taken down by ransomware, entire data centers burning down and corporate laptops stolen at airport security, to name just a few examples. The implications for businesses of these unforeseen events happening without having a data recovery plan in place can be wide-ranging and devastating: from losing critically important files, to the heavy cost of replacing machines, or the large amount of manual time and effort spent recovering data.

Critically, businesses need to understand the difference between ‘storage’ and ‘backup’. Storage is simply a gateway to access information from anywhere, whereas backups are automatic, offsite, immutable, granular, take you to a point-in-time and provide flexible restore options. Organisations can avoid disasters by understanding where their data is located and then ensuring they have the right backup product in place – meaning whatever data loss occurs at an organisation, they can take full advantage of their backup product to keep themselves running undisrupted.”

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