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WithSecure bringing outcome-based security to Finnish Olympic Committee in new partnership

August 2023 by Marc Jacob

The Finnish Olympic Committee (FOC) and WithSecure™ (formerly known as F-Secure Business) announced a partnership that aims to bring outcome-based security to Finland’s sports community.

The partnership enables the FOC and WithSecure™ work together to create a safer, more equitable environment for sports and athletics in Finland. It includes technical and administrative tracks to assess the FOC’s current cyber security infrastructure and establish guidance to support the Finnish sports community’s cyber resilience in the future.
“Success in security and sports requires prioritizing risks according to how they jeopardize goals. That makes outcome-based security essential to the success of the FOC, and I’m pleased with the opportunity to lend our security expertise to help Finland’s sports community,” said WithSecure™ CEO Juhani Hintikka.

Cyber security is becoming increasingly important to the FOC as it increases the use of data in its operations. The FOC, who’s main responsibilities include developing services that support Finland’s sports community, need to improve the cyber resilience of its digital services without diverting resources from other operations.
The FOC hopes to achieve this outcome by drawing on WithSecure’s services in protecting digital networks and infrastructure from threats that jeopardize an organization’s strategic goals.
“The Finnish Olympic Committee has invested heavily in the development of digital services for the Finnish sports community. The biggest project is Suomisport, which already reaches more than 750,000 people, and combines all sports services in one place. With so many people relying on us, we need to ensure that our services are safe for them to use now, and in the future,” said FOC CEO Taina Susiluoto.

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