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Wind River Joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation as Silver Member

August 2019 by Marc Jacob

Wind River® announced that it has joined Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as a Silver member to support the advancement of cloud native computing architectures and technologies such as containers for the broader edge market, particularly those creating devices for the network edge.

CNCF is an open source software foundation dedicated to making cloud native computing universal and sustainable. Cloud native technologies can help companies build and run scalable applications in modern, dynamic environments such as edge clouds that drive new 5G and IoT use cases. CNCF serves as the vendor-neutral home for many fastest-growing open source projects, including Kubernetes, fostering collaboration among the industry’s top developers, end users, and vendors.

Although it is a recent member to CNCF, Wind River has been steadily incorporating approaches fundamental to CNCF over many months. For example, the current version of Wind River Linux delivers technology to ease adoption of containers in embedded systems by providing resources such as pre-built containers, tools, and documentation as well as support for frameworks such as Docker and Kubernetes. The container technology in Wind River Linux integrates components from CNCF and the Yocto Project to help define a comprehensive framework for building and deploying containers for embedded systems.

The Wind River Titanium Cloud™ platform, based on the StarlingX project, is using Kubernetes, Helm, and several other CNCF technologies to deliver a distributed edge cloud solution for use cases applicable to telecommunications, industrial IoT, 5G, and automotive. With deterministic low latency required by edge applications and tools that make the distributed edge manageable, Titanium Cloud provides a container-based infrastructure for edge implementations in scalable solutions ready for production.

Customers of Wind River Linux and Titanium Cloud both have access to long-term support and maintenance, including security updates, for fully upstream content. The Wind River product release cadence incorporates the latest code from the most important open source efforts. Customers can also opt for additional services and training to create a successful device- or cloud-optimized solution. By leveraging Wind River support and services, teams can significantly reduce production and maintenance costs and accelerate development cycles in comparison to in-house efforts.

A longtime champion for open source with more than 15 years as an active contributor, Wind River understands the unique needs of the open source community, especially for embedded system developers.

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