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Why organisations should not underestimate the importance of data back-ups

March 2021 by Oliver Cronk, Chief IT Architect for EMEA from Tanium

It’s common for organisations to dismiss data back-ups as a simple tick box exercise, often underestimating how crucial these programmes are. The risks associated with not having a proper back-up strategy are wide-ranging and vast – from reputational to financial damage. Companies that fail to comprehensively back-up data are also easy targets for ransomware attacks where cybercriminals may know that they are holding hostage the only version of the data that exists.

To prevent this, businesses must be willing to continuously learn about the different options available when choosing a back-up strategy. It needs to be one that will work for them in these times of complex cloud and data privacy regulations. A well thought out back-up strategy will make use of incremental back-up, place careful consideration on how long each type of data needs to be kept, and will conduct regular tests and disaster ‘fire drills’.

World Backup Day is a great opportunity to remind ourselves of these important considerations and also to dispel some of the common misconceptions that exist around backups. These include believing that data is completely safe when being stored with a third-party cloud provider, that an appropriate approach is to simply back up everything, and also, that it’s not necessary to regularly test backup systems to ensure they would successfully restore in a real, live emergency.

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